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Dr. Kornél Péter Halm


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E-mail: halm@halmugyved.hu

Cell phone: 00 36 20 316 9440

Meetings shall be scheduled in advance. 

Dear Visitor,

I provide legal services to both corporate and private clients in Hungarian and in English language in business and civil law.

My legal services are based on a client-attorney relationship in which the client can rely on his/her attorney with trust and confidence. After fully exploring the factual and legal situation, I aim to provide customised legal solutions and to safeguard my clients’ financial and business interests by creating legal contsructions that guarantee legal and financial security at the fullest possible extent.

In case you wish to use my legal services, please contact me via the above listed availabilities.

Yours sincerely

dr. Kornél Péter Halm

Legal services

Corporate Law, NGOs:

  • Companies (foundation, changes, acquisition, transformation);
  • Liquidation, insolvency; bankruptcy;
  • Foundations, associations, other NGOs (foundation, changes).

Real Estate, Commercial Contracts, Enforcement of Claims:

  • Drafting and reviewing real estate transactions (sale and purchase, gift, exchange, lease);
  • Drafting and reviewing commercial contracts (e. g. service agreements);
  • Drafting general terms and conditions (GTC);
  • Enforcement of claims on damages, personality rights;
  • Civil litigation, other forms of dispute resolution.

Employment Law:

  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts;
  • Termination of employment (with a notice, by immediate effect, by mutual agreement);
  • Employment litigation.

Data Protection:

  • Data protection compliance (GDPR).

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